Profile: Farengset

Never forget. Never regret. Never turn back.

Name: Fareng

I am: Male

Age: 30 years old

Country: Thailand, Bangkok

Last active: 1 week ago

Looking for: Female 18-35 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship



French, English

179 cm


Hair length:
Very short


Ethnic origin:


More than 1,000,000 ?/year


1-2 children

Smoking Habits:
I smoke

Drinking habits:

I am away for few days sorry i will reply when i am back.

------- If i do not reply, please do not take it badly. It is not a disrespect and i am not ignoring you i read you all and thanks for all your good advises and comments. I try to reply to the best messages i got no matter how you looks and how old you are, but unfortunately i can't answer to all.. So sorry i hope you guys forgive me. -------

Unfortunately I am not really looking anymore for a relationship here. I am only chatting as a hobby. Why ? Bellow is my experience with online girls.

Most of these online girls are extremely narcissistic in nature. They are addicted to many dating sites like a drug. They are selfish and predictable. They have no value of a "good man" and do not care about your culture or your current life. They look for who is better and cannot stop looking for better. And can't have a relationship with just one man. They post sexy photos and beautiful words in English to make you believe they're perfect little girls and they never do anything bad. They are shallow and self centered and don't understand about love and relationships because no one has ever taught them how to take care of another human being. They complain that Thai men are lazy and don't work ..But the truht is they always cheat. But Thai men are actually very hard workers in general and leave the girl because she's spoiled and selfish. So these online girls will spend their lives online trying to get the perfect handsome rich guy that will save them from their lonely lives. Online girl will NEVER find love and are extremely ignorant and will never understand a beautiful relationship. So will likely chat with you for a short time until she finds the next guy. Personally I'm done with online women.

Now let talk about guys here. After reading all your messages i really agree with you. I am aware that many guys here disrespect you they try to talk about sexe without knowing you, send naked photos and want to buy you, like you was an object. I really hate that type of guy who is thinking that all Thai girls are prostitutes. Just because they see some bar girls. They are not brave to go to this bars so they come online to try to satisfy their desire and their lonely frustrating life. They judge all Thai girls badly.. Sometimes when i see how that guys act i really shame to be a foreigner.

I have another message important for all angry girls who recognize them self in my profile description and comments badly my profile and send me some mad messages saying that im talking bad about all Thai womens and try to make me look like a racist.

1) I'm not racist i love Thailand, Thai people,Their lifestyle and their culture. I am really grateful. And thanks again for welcoming me and letting me live here.

2) My description start by "Most of these online girls" I did not says "All girls" and i did not mention even one time the word "Thai". I am talking about "Most of online girls" including foreigners girls and other dating websites. I am aware that good girls exist.

3) I do not blame you if you can't understand english very well, and my description. My english is not perfect as well. But if you can't understand what i am saying please do not comments and do not try to turn my story to your way.

I'm a very direct guy i assume it and i always says what i think. Sorry if you get offended. Sorry if you don't like it. But i never said that i am a handsome perfect guy and i know i am far from it.


To avoid all common questions. I am a 30 years old french guy living in Thailand since more than 8 years. I am a investor and my job consist to build villas for sale and rent between Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok.

I like:

My best hobby are: Traveling around the world, Sport car, Sport motorbike, Motocross and jet ski.

I hate:

- People who can not hold a conversation.
- People that don't read profile description and ask stupid questions.
- Narcissists girls that try to impress others and try to make themselves look like a superstar and act superior to those around them.
- Person who ask for line id but have nothing to says. Why do you need to grow up your contact list with people for who you don't have any interest ? I don't understand!

Looking for: Female 18 - 35 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship


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Wanwias250827 - 22-10-2018

You have to have a good idea l read yuor message.
It was an idea that matchedme.
But i'm not perfect
But i'm ready to learn and accptit.

Chawii - 20-10-2018

You can find the person you are looking for someday.

Bownaka - 19-10-2018

?????? ????????????????????

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Forall - 16-10-2018

Who makes you hurt???????

Kanokwan_88 - 15-10-2018

u said "I am only chatting and killing the time" but u hate "People who can not hold a conversation" so how to hold a conversation?

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Haras - 14-10-2018

haha, Nice one . Based on what I read, u must had a very bad experience from ur past. Tsktsk..

beMe44 - 12-10-2018

hahaha ???????????? ???????????????